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**Special Note from the O2 Safety Strap Inventor Samuel Hall: 

I wanted to take a moment and share my personal story/testimonial with you the consumer about the inception of this innovative product...I have an auto immune disease that requires me to be on supplemental oxygen and from the very beginning I found that the cannula line was a problem which interfered with my daily activities. I tried everything from taping, pinning, and even holding the tubing but to no avail... it just didn't work. One day in particular I was bringing in groceries to the kitchen and my cannula line caught the door knob which induced a fall which then caused a tear in my knee. I thought there has to be a better way to secure this cannula line!! One night I couldn't sleep and thought what if I rerouted the cannula line over the shoulder enclosing the tubing so that it wasn't exposed to the dangers that I experienced by daily life. By rerouting the cannula line which drapes down the front side to over the shoulder was a safer more mobile way to carry the oxygen and if it gets caught it pulls the strap first not your face which can cause serious injury or death. The O2 Safety Strap was born... it is a simple yet effective product that fits most oxygen cylinder bags, portables concentrators and also clips to itself for home use that allows the user to have more 'hands free' mobility and reduce the risk while being attached directly to a home oxygen system. My hope is that you too find the O2 Safety Strap to be an enhancement to living life the way that you choose.